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Our Polish Package

Why Should You Polish Your Car at Jupiter?


Professional Advice

We have trained staff and cutting-edge equipment to measure the correct type of paint correction (polish) your vehicle requires.


Polish Equipment &Liquid

We have the full range of tools (15 types of polishing pads, 5 polishing machines and various polishing liquids) to make your vehicle sparkle like new.


Paint Leveling

We have the expertise to skilfully level over spray-paintjobs done by manufacturers or re-paint workshops to give your vehicle the clarity, sharpness and shine of a SHOW CAR.

Car Polish Product

Basic Polish

Paint Deep Cleaning + Waxing

(Estimate 1-2 Hours)

Paint Cleaning Detail adds shine and protection. This option is perfect to keep your paint looking fresh. However, it will not correct mid or deep swirls or scratches that are already present.

The process begins with a wash using our two-bucket method and Fresh Mitts and Towels.

The car is completely decontaminated and the paint surface is treated with Tar-X and Magic Clay Cloth to remove any remaining debris.

A one-step polish and wax using Crystal Block Wax rounds up this service to add shine as well as protection.

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Advance Polish

Eliminate Deep Swirls , Watermark , Scratch & Others Defect

(Estimate 3-4 Hours)

If you are having trouble with mid/deep swirls, watermarks or loss of colour depth? You may consider our Advance Polish Service.

Advance Polishing removes 70% to 80% of the defect from your paintjob. We use a compound to remove swirls, scratches, and randomised defects from the car paint.

The whole process will be carried out under a white spotlight to ensure that most of the deep/medium swirls or paint defects have been removed.

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Buffing a Car

Professional Polish

Eliminate Deep/Light Swirls ,Halogram , Watermark and Other Defects

(Estimate 5-7 Hours)

This is a game changer when it comes to restoring your paint to make it more visually appealing. 
We start with our in-depth hand wash and thorough decontamination of the vehicle.

With this correction, we aim to remove about 85% of the defects from your paint and leave a dramatically improved surface. We use a compound to remove swirls, scratches, and randomised defects from the clear coat.

Polish is used to remove any remaining light swirls or scratches to add optical clarity and depth to the paint.

Once the correction stages are complete the vehicle is finished with Sealant Wax for additional protection.
The whole process will be done under white/yellow spotlight to ensure that most of the deep/medium/light swirls or paint defects has been removed.

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Paint Leveling + Correction :

Permanent Mirror Quality

(Estimated 2-4 Days)

This process is where perfection meets the paint! We start with the same in-depth hand wash and thorough decontamination of your vehicle.

After the surface is dry and free from any contaminants we work panel-by-panel using both our compound and polish to remove any scratches that can be removed from the paint. This time consuming and labour intensive process ensures that your paint will be as defect-free as possible.

After the initial correction we will re-inspect the entire vehicle and spot for any polish flaws that may have remained, eliminating 95% of the total defects.
We highly recommend upgrading to our long term paint sealants or a ceramic coating to preserve the shine of your newly perfected vehicle.

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Headlight Restoration

(Estimated 1-2 Hours)

Headlights are the most important things to keep clean on your car. Not only do these powerful beams let you see the road, they let other motorists see you.

Most headlight lenses are made of polycarbonate plastic. This strong plastic is perfect for taking on harsh road conditions without breaking, which you definitely want, but it doesn’t play well with the sun.

To protect it initially, manufacturers coat the lenses with a UV protective film. But over time this film will be destroyed by UV rays, allowing the plastic to oxidise.
If your headlights have started to haze over or become yellowish, then it’s clear the oxidation process has begun. Pay us a visit at Jupiter Car Wash and Detailing and we’ll solve for you with UV Protection Coating + Warranty provided!

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Chrome Restoration

(Estimated 1-2 Hours)

There’s really nothing quite like perfect chrome, to enhance a car and make it look brand new. So don’t worry if the chrome on your bumpers, wheel rims, hubcaps or trim have rusted or oxidised; for you can still restore its original shine.

Higher quality chrome plating is able to resist rusting for a long period of time, but eventually all chrome parts will corrode. Maintenance is also important for these kinds of material. If rusted chrome is left untreated for too long, it can become permanently pitted. But if you tackle it earlier on, your chrome parts can be salvaged before the damage is irreversible.

This is great news because Jupiter Car Detailing can restore your chrome/metal parts back to its bright, shiny glory; making a big difference in your car’s appearance.

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Window Restoration

(Estimated 2-3 Hours)

Water spots or watermarks are a very common problem. Most cars are affected usually by constantly being subjected to the daily harshness of acid rain, contaminants in the air, hard water and left off drying in the blazing sun.

The severity of water spots and marks usually depends on how well the surface of the paint or glass is being protected. A severe water spot or mark usually stems from residue or chemicals in the water droplets or streaks reacting with the surface (paint, glass, plastic, rubber) and leaving not only unsightly marks but also dangerously interfering with your vision while driving. 

Contact us now and we will take care of this for you.

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