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Our Interior Package

How effectively does Jupiter clean your vehicle’s interior?

Include Car Seat , Carpet , Door and others


We don’t just do basic surface cleaning like all the others in the market, we provide REAL deep cleansing should the need arise. We are also able to fully dismantle the interior of your vehicle to perform an all-around Deep Wash complete with a Steam Wash service too!


Full Insect & Bacteria solutions are also available as per request.

Why we didnt Provide onsite Service ?


Car Interior Surface Clean

(Estimate 4-5 Hours)

Our Surface Clean Package is suitable if you are looking for monthly hygiene cleaning or if your vehicle has little dirt, light stains and slight doors.

We remove dirt, debris and doors at all or partly interior surface. Carpets are shampooed and cleaned with a water extractor. Fabric seats are shampooed / steam or leather seats are cleaned with a pH-neutral leather cleaner and then nourished with a conditioner.

Comes with 1 month Mold Free Warranty.

Per Seat / All Seat From

Full Interior From

Car Interior Deep Wash

(Estimate 7-8 Hours or 1-2 days)

If you are looking for a True Deep Wash Service, this is the package for you!

We will professionally dismantle partly or fully strip your interior to its bare bones, including the floor and carpet to clean and let it dry completely before installing it back again.

The interior is cleaned from top to bottom or partly as per request, which will include thorough cleaning of leather, shampooing and heated extraction as well as steam cleaning of upholstery seating, carpeting, headliner, pillars, and any necessary steam cleaning.

Using premium products, the leather is conditioned using a 2-stage treatment to condition and seal, which protects it from staining and UV damage. A fabric protectant is applied to the floor mats to resist future staining as well.

Comes with 1 month Mold Free Warranty.

Per Seat / All Seat From

Full Interior From


Why Choose Jupiter Car Detailing ?

Car Interior Cleaning Specialist & Experts: We solve 1,000+ cleaning & hygiene issues since 2016. Worry-free, Quality guaranteed.

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