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Car Interior Cockroach / Insect Pest Control & Car Fumigation

Do you often see cockroaches or other kinds of insect in your car? Insects poses a serious health issue to human. We are Specialist to get rid of those pesky cockroaches or insect in your car.


To solve your insect problem 100%, we are prepared Steam Wash your car as a whole if needed. We will also provide a completely remove the interiors of your car to ensure that your car is Deep and Steam Wash completely.


Elimination of Insects & Bacteria with Safe Products (Made in Japan)

What is car fumigation?

Car fumigation offers an efficient solution for eliminate unwanted pests from your vehicle . Fumigation techniques involve the use of gaseous chemicals to suffocate and kill critters living inside the car. While spiders are the most frightening hitchhikers, many other pests could be bumming a ride example cockroaches, mice, rats , ants, fleas and bed bugs. These can be tough to remove once they already setup nest inside the car . If you had tried basic methods such as traps or DIY products and failed, then it's time to visit our Jupiter Car Detailing Shop and get advice from our professional team

Cockroaches on the steering wheel of the car. Concept of eliminating cockroaches that are

Car Interior Insect / PEst Surface Clean

(Estimate 4-5 Hours)

Our Insect Steam Clean Package is suitable for cars that recently face with insect problem. 

If your car condition is not really dirty you may consider to use this pacakage . Firstly this process begin with using ARS Killer Smoke (Made in Japan) in order to get rid of all insects. After that, we steam to remove all dirt and debris from the interior surface including carpet, seats and dashboard. 

Vapor & Basic Cleaning

Surface Steam Cleaning & Vapor

Car Interior Insect / Pest Complete Wash

(Estimate1-2 days)

If your insect problem have occurred for a long period of time or it has become a serious issue such as there are insect nest, cockroaches eggs etc , this package will solve your problem 100%. 

Firstly it starts with using ARS Killer Smoke (Made in Japan) in order to kill all insects. After that, we will dismantle the whole interior of your car including the floor and the carpet in order to deep clean it (including Insect Eggs). Then, it will be dry completely under the sun or by using an Infrared Dryer before we put it all back together.


The interior section of your car will be cleaned completely. This will include cleaning the leather seats, shampoo process and heat extract along with steam cleaning to ensure that both smell and bacteria issue are solved.

This package also 30 days guarantee .

Price From

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Why Choose Jupiter Car Detailing ?

Car Interior Pest Control Specialist & Experts: We solve 1,000+ cleaning & hygiene issues since 2016. Worry-free, Quality guaranteed.

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