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Our Car Coating Package

How does Jupiter’s Coating Package differ from the service offered everywhere else?


Coating Material

All our Coating Products are made in Japan and has been tested to prove suitable for Malaysian weather.


Product Lasting

Unlike other brands with their Soft/Oil/Spray-based Coating, Jupiter offers Glass Coating (also known as Crystallised/Hard Coating) which is a permanent coating that doesn’t require much maintenance, hence saving cost and hassle.


Range of Coating

We provide multiple ranges of coating, all based on your needs and budget .

Benefit of Jupiter Car Coating

We understand the importance of a well maintained car to enhance its resale value and the difficulties maintaining it in Malaysia’s tropical climate. With monthly temperatures averaging at 32◦C or higher, with heavy rainfall in certain months, elements like UV rays, tree sap, bird droppings and other contaminants can cause detrimental effects like oxidation and degradation to your car’s clear coat.

Protecting your car’s coating is no longer a burden to your hectic schedule. Cleaner cars travel faster and we will maintain yours it as if it were our own. At Jupiter Detailing, we only use the finest products from Japan to protect the lustre of your car against the harsh environment it is left exposed to everyday.

Car Coating Price List

Coating Products

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